Religious Education



Our Faith Formation Program offers a comprehensive way to integrate the SHARING of our faith, LEARNING of our faith, and LIVING our faith each month from October through April. ALL components are required for full participation in our Faith Formation Program.

ON-SITE OPTIONS -- renamed "online options" for fall 2020 (Grades PreK-12)

  • Monday, 4:45 - 6 pm 
       Grades PreK-5
  • Monday 6:15 - 7:30 pm
       Grades 1-8
  • Sunday, 6:30-8:00 pm -       Grades 6-12



OFF-SITE OPTION --renamed "home study" meaning that the family is the catechist, rather than a parish volunteer catechist (Grades PreK-12)

Families enrolled in our OFF-SITE OPTION (home study) may be assigned to small family clusters as requested (approximately 3 to 4 families, and we will help you find families if you do not have a specific request of your own) which will be self-selected or coordinated by the Faith Formation Team based on age of children and neighborhood. Family groups will meet for a total of 5 hours per month at a mutually agreeable time for the group, in a group member's home, using a provided curriculum. Participants are encouraged to split the monthly time requirement into two or three sessions, and they may meet online or in-person according to their own risk assessment. Additionally, families are expected to participate in a discipleship opportunity each month (service, pilgrimage, community building), as the COVID-19 crisis allows. Please put safety first and STAY HEALTHY! 

2-3 Hours each Month: SHARE our Faith - Families will gather (online or in-person) over discussion questions about the themes of the Alive in Christ chapters. The main purpose of these discussions is for parents to tell the story of why their faith is so important to them, and how Jesus has changed their lives.

2-3 Hours each Month: LEARN our Faith - Parents will lead catechesis for children with provided curriculum in family groups. Alive in Christ is the book for Elementary grades, and a more developmentally appropriate curriculum will be provided by the Faith Formation Team for older children.

1+ Hour each Month: LIVE our Faith - Families will participate in either a Service Project (two each semester) or Pilgrimage (one each semester) in order to serve our community at large and build community among each other. Of course, during COVID-19, this will take the form of something socially distanced, safe for your family's health risks, and different than usual. Our parish provides adapted opportunities, but you must put your own health and safety first.



Early Bird = $125 per child (Families with 3+ registered children will pay a max. family tuition of $375)

Regular price tuition after July 1 = $150 for 1 child, $275 for 2 children, or $400 for 3+ children

Session Leader/Catechist Discount - one time $100 discount per family

If you need financial assistance, please use the link below to download the form. Completed forms should be returned to the parish office.

Financial Assistance Form






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