Eucharistic Ministers

What are Eucharistic Ministers?

Eucharistic Ministers are those members of the gathered assembly who distribute the body and blood of Christ either during the liturgy or outside of the eucharistic celebration to those who have been unable to attend.

Role of the Eucharistic Minister

You are part of the team of those who minister at Liturgy. Our liturgy is the central event in our parish life. The Eucharistic Minister has the task of assisting with the distribution of the eucharistic bread and eucharistic cup at Mass. Additionally, they frequently take communion to the homebound.

Prayer for Eucharistic Ministers

May my behavior and the attitude of my heart reflect that holy honor as I strive to serve in a sacred way. With awe and wonder, I will hold in my hands the Body of Christ and His Sacred Blood, so that my sisters and brothers may be fed with the Food of Life. Make my heart and hands clean. Free me from anything of vanity and pride that might divorce me and the service that is mine from the heart of the Divine Mystery residing in this Holy Meal.

May I, with your constant assistance, truly wait upon You and Your people in this Holy Liturgy of Praise and Adoration. AMEN.

Click here for Eucharistic Minister Protocol at St. Francis of Assisi.


What should I do if I drop the bread or spill the wine?

Accidents will happen. Ministers should deal with them quickly and discreetly. Do not panic! Spilled wine should be blotted up immediately with a purificator or towel. If a large amount has been spilled, take the wine-soaked towels or purificators immediately to the sink in the sacristy. Otherwise, the purificator can be left on the credence table until after the liturgy. In most cases, when a piece of consecrated bead is dropped, it should be picked up and consumed.

When I am ministering the cup, some people want to dip their host instead of taking the cup and drinking from it. Should I allow this?

There are three permissible methods of receiving the blood of Christ in the Roman Catholic Church. The church’s preferred method is that the individual drink from the cup. The words of Jesus instruct us to “take and drink.” Please click on the link below to learn more about these three methods. More information...

Should I say the name of the person to whom I am giving communion?

The act of giving and receiving communion is an act of faith in the presence of Christ. By saying “Amen” to the minister’s “The body [blood] or Christ”, we are making a statement of faith. Nothing should dilute or diffuse that action. Click below for more information. More information...

Should a minister of communion wash their hands before the communion rite?

At St. Francis, we provide a bottle of hand sanitizer in the sanctuary to help us reduce the spread of germs within our liturgies. Each eucharistic minister is asked to use the hand sanitizer before they distribute the body or the blood of Christ.

May a minister of communion go to the tabernacle?

A minister of communion may go to the tabernacle when necessary or when asked to do so by the priest, deacon or other appropriate person.
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