Eucharistic Minister Protocol

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before Mass is scheduled to begin. If you are late, the ushers will try to find replacements. Please be understanding.

Go to your place in the sanctuary as soon as you have exchanged the sign of peace with those around you. It is especially important for the minister going to the tabernacle (2B) to get to the sanctuary in a timely manner so that they can begin to perform their special tasks. All ministers should be in their places before the completion of the Lamb of God litany.

The minister assigned to 2B (station 2 bread) takes the ciboria from the Tabernacle, places them on the altar and unstacks them.

After the “Lord I am not worthy. . .” the presider distributes the host to all EMs. The presider and EMs then consume the host.

The presider will then take the chalice and give it to the minister on the far right. After the minister has received they give it to the person next to them and so on down the line.

As soon as you have received from the cup, go to the altar and get a chalice or a ciborium and continue to your assigned station. Do not wait for the rest of the ministers to finish receiving. Bread and cup ministers should arrive at their station at about the same time. Bread ministers, be aware of your cup minister.

After distributing communion, the bread ministers return their ciborium to the altar and return to their seat. When all ciboria have been returned to the altar, the 2B minister takes them from the altar and replaces them in the tabernacle.

The wine ministers return their chalices to the credence table and return to their seats. If there is a small amount left in your chalice, consume it before returning to your seat. The 2C minister will combine any remaining wine into one chalice and consume it before returning to his/her seat. If there is too much wine for one person to consume,  place a purificator over the chalice (leave the chalice on the credence table for consumption after the liturgy) and return to your seat. IMMEDIATELY AFTER MASS, THE 2B MINISTER SHOULD GO TO THE CREDENCE TABLE WITH ANOTHER EM AND CONSUME ANY REMAINING WINE AND TAKE THE CHALICES AND EMPTY CIBORIA INTO THE SACRISTY FOR PURIFICATION AND WASHING.

Appropriate dress

At St. Francis we ask all of our liturgical ministers to dress appropriately. Jeans, t-shirts and short skirts are not the ideal dress for this ministry. It is our role to enhance the worship of the assembly. Anything that draws the focus from our ministry to ourselves is inappropriate. 

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