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Welcome to the St. Francis Music Ministry page!  Please see below for general information and updates about serving in the music ministry at St. Francis.  For information about our music groups, please click the link on the right side of the page titled "What musical opportunities are there at St. Francis?"



Calling all youth at St. Francis in grades 6-12!  We are looking for participants in the Assisi Youth Music Ministry (AYMM) group for the Easter Sunday service at 8 AM!  Please use the links below to sign-up and find-out more information.  Additional information can be found on the side menu item "What musical opportunities are there at St. Francis?"  Please email Brandon Henley at if you have questions about either of these groups.

Sign-up for Assisi Youth Music Ministry Group:
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Sign-up for Youth Cantor Program:
Sign-up Form for Youth Cantor Program        


Appropriate dress

At St. Francis we ask all of our liturgical ministers to dress appropriately.  Jeans, t-shirts and short skirts are not the ideal dress for this ministry.  It is our role to enhance the worship of the assembly.  Anything that draws the focus from our ministry to ourselves is inappropriate.           

Role of the Music Minister

You are part of the team of those who minister at Liturgy.  Our liturgy is the central event in our parish life.  The Music Minister assists the assembly in raising their voices in sung praise.  It is your duty to lead moments of worship with solo song; share in proclaiming the word of God, particularly in the psalms and in the liturgy of the Word; teach the assembly its songs, refrains and acclamations; and to encourage the whole-hearted sung worship of the assembly.

The gathered assembly relies on the music minister to enhance their worship experience with strong leadership and constant assurance that their singing is important!      

Preparing to serve as a music minister

Music ministers are encouraged to attend a weekly rehearsal to learn new musical selections, reinforce their leadership abilities and foster community spirit between all musicians.

Those called to this ministry must possess the ability to stand in front of an assembly and boldly proclaim their love for the Lord.                         

A Prayer for Music Ministers

Praise God with clarinet and saxophone; praise God with flute and oboe!  Praise God with French horn and tuba; praise God with marimba and xylophone!  Praise God with guitar and fiddle; praise God with banjo and ukulele!  Praise God with bagpipe and accordion; praise God with piano and calliope!  Praise God with steel drum and harmonica; praise God with bongo and maracas!  Praise God with soaring classical music; praise God with mellow blues, and tango!  Praise God with reggae and rap; praise God with jazz and rock!  Praise God with square dancing and line dancing; praise God with polka and waltz!  Let everyone who has breath and hands and feet and voices—sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses—praise the Lord!


What qualities do I need to be a music minister?

A love of music and a desire to praise God in song are the most important qualities a music minister should possess. Our primary goal is to assist the gathered assembly in their worship.

Do I need special training to be a music minister?

No. All necessary training is provided during rehearsal and special events throughout the year.

What if I can’t make it every week?

To be a music minister, you must make a commitment to attend rehearsals and to serve at one liturgy per week. However, conflicts do come up that require members to miss, absences are excused.

What musical opportunities are there at St. Francis?

The Music Ministers at St. Francis provide strong leadership at our weekend celebrations as well as providing prayerful meditations for reflection. All liturgies are accompanied by piano. Music selections range from traditional hymns to contemporary pieces. More information. . .

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Brandon Henley More information. . .

Who are the Music Ministry staff at St. Francis?

Brandon Henley is the Director of Music. He oversees all music planning and ensembles and is the piano accompanist for Sunday masses and Holy Days. Rebecca Vanover is the Vocal Director. She directs the adult choir, cantors, and assists with the AYMM group and Youth Cantor Program. Kerry Phelps is the piano accompanist for the 5 PM mass on Saturdays. We also have MANY wonderful volunteers that we could not live without!
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