How to Prepare to Proclaim the Word of God

An ideal reader will do three things very well: take his or her part confidently in the total celebration; make difficult passages easier for the assembly to grasp; and approach the listeners with a subtle sense of “Say, I’ve got something to share with you. . .”

Read over the readings several times. Pray about them. Ask God to speak to you through it.

Learn about the reading. The resource books which are presented to each lector offer commentaries on the readings. Also, Exploring the Sunday Readings, (which comes in the bulletin the last Sunday of each month for the following month) offers wonderful commentary. Take this insert from the bulletin each month and put it with your Handbook.

Read the passages aloud. Go over any sections which cause you difficulty.

When you arrive at the church, sign-in in the sacristy and check that the Lectionary is marked for the proper weekend. Also, take a few moments to read over the Prayers of the Faithful. Check with Fr. Dennis or Berta on any names whose pronunciation you don’t know.


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