Appropriate Dress

At St. Francis we ask all of our liturgical ministers to dress appropriately, Jeans, t-shirts, and short skirts are not the ideal dress for this ministry.  It is our role to enhance the worship of the assembly.  Anything that draws the focus from our ministry to ourselves is inappropriate.

Role of the Usher

You are part of the team of those who minister at Liturgy.  Our liturgy is the central event in our parish life.  The Usher has the task of greeting God’s people as they assemble for prayer. 

The usher does something that everyone else there does too:  welcoming and offering hospitality.  Ushers are the community’s way of being sure that this happens.  At St. Francis, our ushers serve as the premier liturgical ministers being sure that the first face everyone sees at church is smiling and being sure that there are no strangers among us.

Who will make a good usher?

The woman or man who will make a good usher has a sense of liturgical prayer.  A good usher will be deeply aware that mass is not a spectator sport but an event that requires full, active participation on the part of all present.  A good usher also has the gift of hospitality.  They are comfortable with welcoming the regulars and the strangers. 

Everything else about being an effective usher can be easily learned by people who have a sense of the prayer of the assembly and a sense of hospitality.  These are the best people to help take up a collection, to help those who don’t feel well, to distribute the bulletins, and to take care of any needs special to the day.

A Prayer for For an Usher

Lord, may I, with reverence and friendliness, welcome all.  May I, with attention and diligence, care for the needs of the community as it worships.  May my prayer during this liturgy be that of watchfulness and desire to serve others.

I ask, Lord, that You smile through me, that You greet through my hospitality and that You may be made visible to me in all to whom I serve.  AMEN.


Who Can Be an Usher?

There is no age specification for this ministry. Anyone who has the gift of welcoming others to worship is welcome to participate.

How often would I be scheduled?

Our ministers are generally schedule twice a month. Special scheduling requests are taken into consideration.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Becki Kaman More information. . .
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